Technics SP-10 + SME 3009 S2 Improved

I recently acquired a vintage 70's setup from an aquaintance I was helping move. A very well preserved Technics SP-10 with matching Technics base and an SME 3009 S2 Improved tonearm. It works great, I've cleaned it up and adjusted the speed pots, etc.

Question is:
Should I sell it as a package or would people be more interested in the arm and the table by themselves?
IMO, you should sell them together. People want things to just plug 'n play. Separating them may squeeze out a few extra dollars but you may be stuck with one longer than you will be if you sell as a package.
"People want things to just plug 'n play" That may be true of the general population but I have found that Audiogon members want to assemble their own systems and that things are usually worth more individually than as a group. IMHO the table is better than the arm and if I wanted to keep it for my own use I would put a newer SME or Graham SME mount arm on it; YMMV.
Hmmmm... I think I'll sell it as a package as the plinth is cut out for the SME. How much do you guys think it's worth? I'm thinking $500- $600.00...
I would think more if it is in good shape; assuming that I would say the arm is worth $300 and the table $600 at least. And no, I don't want to buy it, my wife has made it quite clear that I have too much gear already.
I hear that brother! I have too much stuff too- that's why I need to let this one go.

Yes, it's in very good shape, just a little corrosion blemishes on the aluminum and a scar in the veneer where the dust cover lived for 40 years.

Thanks for all the help guys.
Elliott, if you are willing to sell it for $500-600 I'll buy it. The SP-10 by itself should be worth $600-800. Technics had three different plinths for that motor unit so if the Obsidian is not chipped or cracked it could be worth another $300, possibly more, they are rarely sold by themselves.

Listen to Stanwal regarding the SME, I'm not familiar with its value range.

BTW, how did you adjust the speed pots? This is a Quartz-loc unit.
Tim, Hypothetically, he could have adjusted the voltage out of the outboard power supply. There are 3 DC voltages supplied to the main chassis via the umbilical, and each can be adjusted separately, as you probably know. However, the OP has not clearly stated that he has a Mk II. He might have an all-on-one-chassis, original SP10. If so, his idea of value is not far wrong.
It is an original SP-10 not the Mkll, and all the psu stuff is in the base, not outboard. It has a speed strobe and adjustment pot on the plinth, my guess is that it has a PLL circuit. There is trim-pots for 45 & 33 on the motor itself.