Technics Turntables...really???

Ok, what am I missing? When I hear Technics turntables, I think Craigslist and DJ tables. What am I missing? 
Had had one in my college system in the 70’s,  must have been good because it was stolen. 

I spun some good tunes back then without the new audionervousa ocd problem I have now. 
Cleeds, The problem with the post is that it threw Technics as a brand under the bus inferring that Craigslist and DJs were unworthy. Audiophiles = snobbery? Since when?

Yeah, I have a problem with that and the OP should know better, or at least ask an enlightened or focused question, such as, how do you all feel about Technics tables? Are they worth considering compared to the competition from an analog enjoyment perspective?

But no, instead the brand is sent to the garbage dump. Recall, many lathes upon which laquers are cut are powered by Technics’ direct drive technology.
The premium Technics product certainly holds its own against many of the best in the business. I’ve just finished restoring a SL-1700mk2, which was the basis for the more simple SL-1200mk2 that everyone knows and some misguidedly despise. That despicability I believe, comes from association of the SL-1200mk2 with fake “DJ”s, who really aren’t using the turntables or the medium for quality. Real deejays are pretty much an extinct breed of music curators for music lovers. Not that FM radio is anything close to true HiFi, but the spirit is in the presentation.

I have the technicus SL- 1100.he is one of the best ever made . Very stabile, good build, beautifull realistic sound,with Benz gold element.