Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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I try to help with facts and reason. Not everyone has mega-bucks to waste on fantasies, but would still like to optimize their music experience. Spend your budget where it counts. 


You don't have to read my posts.  You don't have to insult people either.

Do you find any factual error in my post? If so, please point it out. 

Again, our brains lie to us. They hate to admit we have been scamed and will reinforce belief harder and harder.  Sound is real. What we hear is the lie our brain tells us.  If you believe it sounds better, your brain will convince you it does. Just it has no bearing on the actual sound.

So, you don't trust your own brain? You do know that that's how sound is processed, right...by our brain receiving signals heard by our ears? Is this based on some religious tenet of original sin or something? Or are you saying that our brains have been collectively duped but your brain knows better?

For those curious enough, here's a link to a mini rant by John DeVore about measurements:


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