Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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When you have more technical knowledge some things look obvious that others can’t see. For instance, if someone claimed the system sounded better if there was a 10 gallon vat of steaming split pea soup in the room, most would be skeptical, as we can’t imagine how such a thing could have any impact on the system and the sound that comes out.

So, to me, when there is talk of changing the nature of the ethernet infrastructure, I can see things that most people cannot due to an understanding of physics and digital technology, and such things appear to be completely out of the ream of something that can impact the sound, unless there are some sort of EMI emissions that get into the analog realm. The beauty of digital is that an accurate bitwise copy is always available. Once those bits get into a dac, well that is where a lot of variability can exist. Same with the rest of the analog realm--extremely complex interactions in the overall system.

So, that is how it looks to me. Not going to convince any who has a strong feeling on the subject, but again, we want to make sure noobs hear a few options. At the very least, its safe to say invest in good electronics and maybe room treatments first.

Love how they use the term "noobs" as if everyone other than them are so new to this and naive as can be when, in fact, they are calling out serious and seasoned audiophiles who have relied on their ears so successfully for all this time (decades, in fact) and know what they are hearing. 

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Well I am a "Noob" here but I have tried and kept the SOtM sNH-10G and it made a huge difference in my system. Yes I could hear the difference. There have been many things I have tried over the years and returned as it made little or no difference in my system.

I simply am not that arrogant to say what you hear in your system is false, or you are under the influence of marketing, hyperbole, or a placebo effect. 

There are far to many that speak, write and youtube of the positive effect these switches, cables and tweaks have made in their systems and only really one Linus (than God). Believe what you believe but do not call out the majority.

Be careful Humpty you will have a great fall.