Thanks Mom and happy Mother's Day

Anybody else's mother instrumental in helping develop your love of music?
For me, we didn't have a lot growing up but Mom made sure I could take band by doing house cleaning for a neighbor that paid her with a clarinet. I wanted a trumpet or sax so I don't think I was as grateful as I should have been at the time. She got Santa to bring a little record player when I was seven. She insisted on having a stereo for the family as well. There was always music playing or available. Lot more I could relate but
that is enough for now.

Interested in your stories about your mother and music.
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What a very thoughtful thread idea!
I did see this early on this day, but did not respond. I am now surprised to see no responses at all, when Mothers Day is about over. I would estimate almost every member, or reader currently has, or had a Mother.
At five years old I heard Louis Armstrong and freaked out!!
I took full care of my Mother for many years. Her last couple, she realized.... I cherish those.
What a tough character!!! :)
My mother introduced me to Jazz, Big Band, Folk, Blues, a Rek-o-kut table, Fisher separates, can't remember the speakers name but they were great. She liked classical but it was my father's love of classical that influenced me there. I was so fortunate to have a mother that loved music so much and bought good components to listen to it!!!!!!!