Thanks to Audiogon and Audio Asylum

To Rod and the rest of the Bored Members -
From what I have been able to understand from looking at the items available on the charity auction, you have offered your services to manage the $ part of tracking all of this.

To Arnie and the rest of the Audiogon staff -
I am so happy that you have the auction infrastructure in place to support this effort.

To Arnie and Rod -
While, I am sure that most of us will never realize the complexity of pulling all of this off, I am so proud to be a part of this community.

Thanks to Rod and Arnie for an incredible feat!
I agree Angela. These two guys not only run GREAT websites, they know how to pull together. Not only does this help to unite the audiophile community, it benefits all of our fellow Americans in this time of need !!!! Great work guys !!!! Nobody could ask or wish for more... Sean

Great Staff!!! Thanks for your great efforts. It does not go unnoticed. I think the boss needs to kick in a system upgrade or that trip to Hawaii.
Dan Harmon
dedicated audio
yes, kudos are certainly due to rod and arnie and their techie elves. BRAVO!! BRAVO!!

now its our turn to make this work. bid on the charity auctions. don't look at them as a means to find a bargain but as a way YOU can help, directly and concretely. bid on them. and then think again of those many hundreds of police officers and fire fighters and the now more than 5,000 private citizens who gave all anyone ever could. and bid again. this is your community and mine that has come together to offer a hand. please lend yours. -kelly
Audiogon and AA - Exceptional idea and wonderful execution!

A BIG Thanks to all the manufacturers and retailers who have so generously offered contributions of products.

A Heartfelt Thanks also to all the audiophiles who pulled from their private stashes!

Thanks and Congratulations to All.