The beginning of my stereo set up

I was starting to listen to vinyl more than HT and the old Definitive bp's amps were starting to go.
I started with an integrated amp (primaluna 400). Yes I know that's ars backwards but I've always wanted a tubed amp and this amp would run almost any speaker. It was accessible for auditioning 4 different brands of speakers I was interested in. We auditioned Revels,kef,B&W,Focal,Klipsch,Martin Logan and Legacy Audio. (whew)
After about 2 months I went with the Audio Legacy Signature SE in Cherry, The Focal 936's were second.
Next were the cables, this didn't take as long but like the Primaluna and the Legacy Audio I had to talk my wife into spending a little bit more than she wanted to(ok a lot).
From what I read Audio Legacy recommends these and they seemed like the right cables for my set up from what I read. I went with the Morrow Audio SP4 Bi-Wire with spade connections.
Audio Video Therapy in Nashua was fantastic, very accommodating, they asked questions, gave us all the time we needed and we played what music we wanted without asking.
I wrote and called Audio Legacy with questions, Receptionist hunted down a sales person (thank you) and if it wasn't for Brice taking the time and a genuine interest I wouldn't have been able to get the Signature SE's. (grey grills too)
The speakers should be here in a couple weeks and the cables I just ordered so those will be about 2 weeks.

I'm currently using a technica lp120 turntable with an updated audio technica cartridge and a Chinese tube pre amp.
Turntable is next on the list to replace.
Does Legacy still have the trade up program?
When we went to audition the Legacy Audio speakers it was at a sound studio and he was using the Focus SE from a sound board and a turntable that he kindly found and hooked up. I was originally looking at the Classic hd speakers but after debating with the wife that these 2 speakers had different tweeters and he wasn't using a tubed amp I knew the Classics would sound different. The Signatures were still out of our price range of $5,000-$5,500 but the stars aligned and the speaker gods were on my side that day, I paid much more but Brice made it happen.
I hope the cables and speakers sound good while they break in.

1jafa OP ...

You won't go wrong with the Legacy Signatures. Like all Legacy speakers, they perform WAY beyond their price point. They love tube electronics too, so good choice there as well. The Focus' are great for large rooms but can overwhelm a smaller environment. Also, both speakers are very efficient, so they can operate with lower powered (and less expensive) amps. I'm driving my Signature IIIs with an ARC REF-75se and the amp just coasts no matter what is thrown at it. A friend drives his Signature IIIs with a modified Dynaco 70 (35wpc) and it sounds glorious. The same friend drives his Focus' with a pair of modified Altec theater amps that I think are around 60 wpc, and it is one of the best systems around. 

I don't think it's backwards to start with an amplifier. It's the synergy of amplifier and speakers that matter & different amplifiers (as well as source components) can dramatically change how a particular pair of speakers sound.
Brice at Legacy Audio is really great with which to work.  I was able to visit their facility. Both Brice and Bill treated me like an old friend. They answered all of my questions, took the time to explain their offerings, and gave me a quick tour. Stand up folks for sure. You can’t go wrong with Legacy. 
I just Googled Legacy Audio speakers.  They look like they could sound really good.  They must sound very crisp based on the teeter design.  Are the high frequencies taxing or well balanced.  I would like to eventually upgrade my speakers to get greater detail and imaging.  They the older we get we lose our ability to hear higher frequencies.  Before I purchased my speakers I was about to choose a pair of Martin Logan Motion 60’s.  However, I went back to listen to them for two hours and thought they might cause ear fatigue.  I will certainly put the Legacy Audio speakers on my list to listen to.
I wonder also about Legacy. I was going the route of Tekton tower speakers but this thread is very good. I have a powerful SS amp. Do I need tube amplifier for them? 
I think your approach-Amp type 1st- is correct.
Simply because if are a tubist and not a SS man,
you should know this before shopping speakers.

Anyone disagree?
larry5729, I will try to give you the best description I can. Some speakers were not available so we auditioned the next level up.
In my original post are the list of speakers I auditioned, now compared to those the Legacy Audio Focus SE with an SS amp, turntable and iTunes as a source. They were well balanced, what I mean by that is the highs didn't stand out, the bass was pronounced but not boomy. All the speakers we auditioned the highs were more pronounced compared to the Legacy's. (Macintosh amp)The Revel F228Be, (looking at the F208's) were nice and very detailed but not much on the low end, the salesman said the speakers should actually be more in the corner of the walls. (primaluna)The KEF R11's were good all around but was missing in the mid range and slightly lacking in the low end. (ss amp bestbuy)Bowers and Wilkens 702's were way to bright. Focal Aria 936 sounded better than the KEF's but the Aria 948 had the low end and came second to the Legacy. Compared to the Legacy the Aria 948's sounded boomy, not until I listened to the Legacy speakers did I notice. (primaluna)Martin Logan Motion 60XTi, didn't bring a bat to the baseball game, not a contender. (primaluna)The Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers "loved" how engaging they were but lacked the low end, just not for me. I just remembered we did listen to the Totem towers,  the Tribe with and without sub. They are amazing speakers, definitely needs a sub. The Hawks were very good until I heard the Tribes.
You don't need a tube amp for any speaker, ask yourself do all the components in the system give you the sound your looking for. It was hard to audition the Legacy speakers because there wasn't a dealer near me, my audition was in a guys barn made into a sound studio. I wrote Primaluna and Legacy about the power and efficiency. Primaluna, would my amp power this speaker with a 90db at 2 meters? 
The EVO 400 should work beautifully with that speaker. 4 Ohms is a pretty common nominal impedance for many loudspeakers and 92dB is a very efficient speaker so you shouldn't have any issue driving them with that amp.
Legacy, will my tube amp with these specs run these speakers properly 90db at 2 meters? Brice concurred.