The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?

I’ve now a VAC phi 300.1. I’m very satisfied with this poweramp. What do you think , and do you have another option ?
my set consists of: Audio Note Cd Two II , Metronome technologie C6 , Daniël Hertz M6L: and the Ilumnia Magister MKII speakers. ( look at : ). Thanks a lot for the reactions!
I recently bought a JJ 243 tube preamp and love it. The phono stage is amazing.
My Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET monoblocks are the best amps I have heard. An Audionote Japan dealer said of the original prototypes that they were the 'best amps he had ever heard."..I would not trade them for any other tube amp combo.
Love my Linear Tube Audio ultralinear power amp with volume control (switch allows you to bypass it or not) with DeVore nines speakers. For the preamp I have an eastern electric minimax that pairs exceptionally well with the LTA adding some nice drive and body while maintaining the clarity. All of you have such great systems! Happy listening...
Lafayette KT-550, modified Counterpoint hybrids, Counterpoint OTL, and the class ! mono blocks that I build.

@dynamiclinearity7 - the Melos do you live in New Jersey?  We have repaired a few of them.
Lamm are the best after tried CJ, AR, VAC, CAT, VTL, Jadis, Cary, Manley, McIntosh