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Help . . . I’m dumber than my active speakers!
The Ref 6 IMO is not a preamp that generally will give you a very open sound stage and that may be why you are hearing what you are hearing.   Happy Listening.  
Replacement for Shindo
@viridian my company manufacturers audio components.  Point-to-point wired, best parts quality, etc.  Our preamp is currently at Audio Connection in NJ. Call and ask John Rutan his opinion on it.  Soon we will have our products on demonstration th... 
Replacement for Shindo
The one we manufacturer.  Call John Rutan at Audio Connection.  He has some of our stuff now.   Happy Listening.  
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
@nonoise - never heard one but the Nano was the bomb!    
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
The best budget CDP we had was the Nano.  I am not sure if they are even made anymore.  It was the size of a CD jewel case approximately.  It was just plain awesome.  Then we thought the Rotel's were pretty good plus we got to pop the top and upgr... 
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
What works in one persons system does not always reflect what will work in yours.  Different components have different requirements for AC.  You have to try first.  When you grow up, you can then build your own if you know the secrets.    Happy ... 
OCD mickey website and negativity.
@hide45- you are da man!  If most of you knew reviewers, you may have a different opinion on what they say about gear.  And most people only know from their experience.  Now others know what makes something sound the way it does. For example,  mos... 
Best investment; cartridge or line stage?
Phono stage  just go with a Denon DH-103 cartridge and get the wood body for it and you are all set.      
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
I comes down to what you pair them to.  Preamps, source and speakers.  That can change the sound of any component so you will receive general opinions but unless you take the time, as with any system, you don't actually understand the true potenti... 
Volti does it again!
@doyle3433 I am not a fan boy of Vandersteen like some are.  I do own the 5As and Sevens.  But we also manufacturer audio components and the hybrid and class A tube mono blocks we build just work wonders on them.  We have some many things in our l... 
Volti does it again!
At $7.5 the best deal on speakers I have seen would be purchasing Vanderteen model 5As for $5K as they have been recently selling for.  Adjustable bass and with zero feedback amplifiers they will sound amazing. Didn't mean to hijack your post.  
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
Buy the Denon DH-103 and get the wood body made for it.  That way you will be done with this and allow you to focus on a phono stage. We have a Gold Bug cartridge which is also made by Denon.  The 103 is so close for so much less. Happy Listening.  
The $10,000 Question
Vinnie Rossi makes a nice intergraded unit.  Probably what I would buy if we did not manufacturer our own components.  
Thinking about switching cartridges.
buy the Denon DH-103 and get the wood body to install  then you are done with this for life. Happy Listening  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
This what others have already said, component dependent.  Our tubes amps change in about 20-30 minutes and can max out in 2 hours or less. Happy Listening.