The character of analog and digital

Having just obtained some high quality analogue components, I want make some comments on the character of both analog and digital.
First of all it’s very difficult to speak of analog in general. Records vary widely (indeed wildly) in sonic character and quality. Digital recordings are much more uniform. When you play a digital file you more or less know what your getting. Of course some sound better than others, but there is a consistency of character. With records, it’s the Wild West. Variation in SQ and character are rampant.

Therefore it becomes very difficult to make generalizations on which categorically sounds better.



+1, digital doesn’t have the euphonic distortions typical of vinyl but can sound harsh when poorly implemented. I’d also generally recommend valve amplification with digital with its more benign higher harmonics distortions compared to silicon.

Intrigued, though with progress on class D, may obviate the latter statement

I tend to agree with Mark Baker of Origin Live and his three pillars of sound quality: dynamics, tonality, and clarity

@millercarbon I thought it was 5 pillars?

Hi @brianaus, It seems that you are full of generalizations today, and while generalizations may have truth in them, they’re usually not very useful.

You like vinyl. Great. I have no problem with people who prefer vinyl or listen to vinyl exclusively. I just don’t understand people who think that everyone should like the same things they like, though.

There are many albums recorded digitally that sound great. If you like any music recorded after about 1980, it has probably been digitized at some point.

You like Japanese receivers and British speakers. That’s great, but it’s not the only route to good sound. People have different hearing and different tastes, many people may prefer a different sound, believe it or not.

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