The Fisher 100 Micro Receiver Radio

I have read this was a pretty good table radio from the 70's

I saw one in a antique store for $25 and the only thing I know is it powers up. The person who ran the booth was not there so I could not test anything else.

It looked to be in the shape of about a 7 mainly because the cloth speaker cover looked dirty.


Any thoughts on doing more research or if for that price I should grab it?

Friends of mine had a Fisher 100 back in the late '60s, early '70s.  I wasn't familiar with the KLH Eight yet and Advent hadn't introduced their FM radio.  So I was amazed to hear that sound quality from such a compact unit.

It could likely benefit from a few parts updates plus an alignment after all these years.  So depending on your budget and local quality FM stations (if any still exist) it could be a nice purchase.