The Kinks "Muswell Hillbillies"

Has anyone heard the hybrid sacd or other Kinks hybrids, re-masters?
yes. 'muswell hillbillis', 'everybody's in showbiz' and the others (rca era) are much better than the earlier cd reissues. strange but true, the domestic cd of 'something else' which is not remastered sounds better than the re-issued import which is....go figure
I concur, Muswell is very well done. Perhaps one of the best SACD's out there...along with Showbiz!
15 Kinks albums were remastered on SACD. The remastered albums sound very good. On par with the Dylan re-issues in terms of sound. Not quite at the level of the Elton John re-issues, which are the gold standard, IMHO. "Muswell Hillbillies" is one of the better ones in the bunch. I have all the SACD re-issues except the 2 released on MOFI SACD, because I can't stomach the $30 price tag for discs that I already own. Anyway, the re-issues that were really worth the re-purchase price, in my opinion, were:

Muswell Hillbillies
Preservation Act 2
Soap Opera

Those are the best. Then come:

Word Of Mouth
Preservation Act 1
State of Confusion

Finally, the rest...

Give the People What they Want
Schoolboys in Disgrace
One for the Road

Rated in terms of sound quality only, not content.

I just picked up a reissue of Muswell Hillbillies used. The date on it is 1998, assume this is when it was remastered. Much to my surprise it shows up as HDCD on my player. The recording is excellent. If you want the catalog number let me know and I'll check it when I get home. There are two added songs, "Mountain Woman" and "Kentucky Moon". I just picked it up and have only listened to about half of it. I have not heard the original vinyl to compare it to. As far as comparison to the quality of other Kinks CD's, I can't say. All my other Kinks stuff is vinyl.