The low frequency response is Bass, not Base.

Does an accurate powerful base actually help create good tremble in the room?

Yes, it happens all of the time here, but to me it's not as annoying as the misuse of their, there and they're.

     Deep, powerful, impactful, detailed, dynamic, fast, smooth and natural bass that sounds like music heard live is like the solid foundation of a well built house.
The 'ooh' in the 'ooh la la' and the 'ooh mow mow', 
the 'wow' in the 'bow chicka bow wow',
the 'yaya' in the 'gitchi yaya dadda', 
the 'it' in 'Let it be',
the 'bang' in 'bang a gong', 
the 'shama lama' in the 'shama lama ding dong'

And the 'rhythm' in the 'get the rhythm, get the rhythm, there you go, there you effin go'.

      All this and I'm not even a bass-head, more like a high quality bass appreciator.