The ongoing Question "The best of" Europe only

Well all enthusiasts of High End audio... we know every month we go and buy the latest magazines in Europe to find what we ae looking for.. "the best of the best" or "the best what our money can buy" We relay on the tests seen in the magazines, on that what the auditor says, we do not know why he is saying this and it´s hard for us to proofe that, sometimes even unpossible because we cannot listen to that equipment our selfs and we cannot find out how this nice equipment sounds like with our curent equipment. After we found something, lets say a test or an add, which is drawing our attention, then we have to go thru the hassle of finding a dealer who has that equipment ready to listen to. I made the experiance a couple times, I would like to buy a pair of speakers, then it comes... you drive to 10 different dealers all over europe to find the right one.. you listen to all those speakers during a very long period, you don´t have the chance of keeping this audition information fresh in mind, it´s hard to keep the tonal picture of the speaker in mind and afte listening the next one you forgot nearly totally what was the sound of the first speaker which you have listen to, all the dealers will have of course different equipment and different rooms, differnt sales personal and so on and so on... so it is nealy impossible to make the right choice, then we are going to decide by the happyness which we had when we where listening to the speakers ( well you can equal the word speaker with any other equipment, because the scenario is all the time the same)But when we have the speakers at home, again with different equipment and again in a different room, then what... we are all the time surprized because it sounds again different and maybe another speaker which sounded worse before will sound better in our listening room or living room. Why we do all that???? because we do not have the possibility to: - independently listen to a group of equipment which we may would like to purchase, lets say I go to one dealer and I will take my equipment, my cables and so on.. and I will listen to lets say 5 different speaker from different manufacturers in the same room with the same CD or venyl!!!! the answer is that this is unpossible because all of the dealers have differnt contracts with different companies, everybody says that his product is best ( very arrogant I think, because we do not need to decide by measuring, we need to decide by our ears and our taste how we would like to listen to music and what sound´s best for us and also what fits to my budget!!!) However, Audigon is one portal which is (well my opinion) one of the best platforms to comunicate and to exchange experiance... but that is all theory!! What do you think, would you drive, lets say over the weekend with a Hotel night to a place which may called "Audio Mekka" where you can take your equipment and you can choose from lets say 100 speakers, a couple hundret CD transports etc.. in one room with all different branded speakers, to find that what you like most??? And getting in the same place engineers for the electric and electronic as well as the rare accustic specialists and architects who will assist you in making up your mind???? How many hundrets of dollars or euros you have spend allready for wrong investments?? MY CONCLUSION this place doesn´t exists ( at least in Europe which is not a exhibition and which is open 24/7), so we should make that happen!!! If someone is interested in sharing we me some opnions about this please write, maybe I just ...m or I want to much...
A Disney for hi-fi. Wow, I just saw it . . . a main road called "Music Way" lined with small specialty boutiques selling a wide range of items like music, accessories, etc.. Then the different parks that focus on the different components. Inside those are rides and other places where you can explore how amps, speakers, and such are made and how they work. It can be a Mecca of music with live performances. And the best part . . . the components your interested in are delivered to your room every morning for your own evaluation with dedicated lines for every room, which are of course designed from an accoustal perspective, delivering a spot on 120v or 240 for you Europeans. I think it would be cool. Maybe Las Vegas. I'd go just for the music and other talent. Mr. Schneider you have been having fun tonight, yes? Or were you not going that far . . . I guess we Americans are always doing that blowing things up, err, I mean making them bigger than they need. But there is just so much land around here and that whole pioneer thing from our past (did you go around playing cowboys and Indians when you were a kid. You ever wonder why US hi-fi is, in general, so much larger physically and power wise from their European counter parts? You'll hear things about average room size, building materials and the such, but if you read between the lines . . . it still indicates the above.
Well, I would like to make that happen ! I would like to bring this to reality! A space where you can find your optimum, your fun, where you can touch all the new and used equipment. That´s what we wanted all the time... to say :"darling I´m gone for the weekend" then you can listen to the ultimative music machine, to that what you can effort and to that what you dream of. It should be a forum where you can discuss by a beer with professionals, where you can say lets try that!! Two or three days like that will give you more than reading just all that on paper, thats the reason why I have three listening rooms! So if you think thats what you want, club athmosphere, exchange of know how and to see and touch that equipment then write.