The "times of my life" greatly affected my thoughts and feelings about gear I have owned.

You may have some of the same memories or feelings.  The age I was, my friends and family, the rooms/home, and more had real impact on my thoughts for much of the audio units I have owned.  How can they not?  My best friend has passed, and I am no longer with the prettiest woman I was with...and a great house/room for a great stereo.  So, all I am saying is that for me there is more to fondly remembered audio units I have owned than the gear itself.  The same could be said for the sports cars I have owned.... I have had better and more expensive cars...but the one I drove back and forth to Road America when I was racing Formula Fords is in my mind more that the "better" cars I owned later.  Does this make sense with your experiences?  Thanks.