The under 10K speaker

I've been auditioning and reading for at least a year now, looking for a speaker I can live with blissfully for a long time. I tend to hang on to my equipment for maybe too long so I want to make the most informed decision on speakers. My current setup is a pair Classe CA100's in mono driving Def Tech's BP2000's(don't laugh). I sold my AR LS15, Classe Dac1 and Theta Jade. I'm running a music server (EAC ripped/FLAC encoded) through a Squeezebox3 direct to amps. I'm waiting for the Slim Devices "Transporter" and contemplating a pair of Mono Odyessy Extremes depending upon choice of speakers.

The best I've heard so far were the Wilson Sophias. I've auditioned B/W's all models, Revel's (Sound excellent), Paradigm's, Thiels, Von Schweikert (not the VR4 SR's), JM Labs Utopia, Sonus Fabar, Usher's and others.

I'm thinking about the Wilson Sophia's. I'm interested in the VR4 Jr, The Acoustic Zen Audiago's, Usher Dancer, Revel F52, Daudeulis? DA1 (can't spell them but people love them).

I wish for a full range speaker but adding a subwoofer isn't out of the question.
Hey, this can be fun..
I have been auditioning speakers for the last month or so to replace my Platinum Solos. I listened to the Wilson Sophia 2 & Focus Audio FS-888 at the dealers & IMO they are both very accomplished speakers, at least in comparison to my Solos.
The amp used was a pair of YBA monos plus a Herron VTSP-2 pre & CDP was the Meridian G08. The Wilson & FA have very different character/presentation though & I thought the FA is more neutral (livable?) compared to the Wilson's analytical nature & as usual YMMV.
Regarding the Wilsons, I've read other posts where they referred the Wilsons as being analytical in nature. When I auditioned the Wilsons, they were using Macintosh SS Amps-the big ones-as well as I believe, a very high end CD player. Whomever was singing, was there, and, whomever was playing those drums, I wanted to wipe the sweat off thier brow. Perhaps in retrospect, or was it luck, that the owner of this store actually cared about how his equipment sounded because it seems to me, few do. I find myself attempting to interpet the musical performance or rather, the audition through mismatched, broken or strewn together audio systems. Makes me wonder how dealers sell anything... Most of what I think I know is from reading other audiophiles writings and reviews.

Me thinks I enjoy listening to all the nuances in music and hell, if I hear the performer fart, or the echo from the studio walls, all the better. Don't give me polite, and don't give me glare or etch, but I'll take slam when somethings slamming! Keep it real.
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