Theta Gen VIII - primed to jump 4 years ahead

Is Theta going to blow away the digital competitors again? Check out the Generation VIII DAC and the research behind it. Is this going to be a blockbuster? Very curious to learn what anyone has heard or seen?
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Theta has always built superb, fairly priced digital equipment. What you are suggesting will most likely be true.
I have three models of Theta DACs and three of their TLC jitter filters. They all are excellent products. The Gen VIII, however is out of my price range. It has a projected price of between 8 and 10K.
They have also just recently released their new line of mono-block amps. Think of the possibilities :~)
I'll let you know what they sound like... my boss put in an order for a Gen VIII and it turned out to be the very first order on the books. I can't wait to see what the new one does.

Hi Bjack70jr,

Where did you get your info on the 8-10k projected price--Theta? I asked them about the projected cost of upgrading a ProGenVa and they told me that they did not yet know at this early date.
If those are the new prices, then fairly priced is no longer. I have also inquired about the upgrade of my . If it is too expensive, I will live with the sony sacd-1 which has put the gen. va on the shelf collecting dust. I sure hope the toll on the upgrade path is not too high.