Thiel 2.3's Power Hungry??

Every time I add more POWER to these they sound a little better. They open up and sound smoother. Has anyone had the same experience? How much power has any one thrown at the speakers untill you were satisfied?
The 2.3s do seem to like a lot of good quality power. I have used the following amps with my 2.3s in our rather small 12X15 living room, Aragon 8008 ST, Krell KST 100, McIntosh MC2205. All three sounded good, but the Aragon and the Krell sound a great deal better. The McIntosh did do a better job taming the top end. Of the two I would give a slight edge to the Aragon, but really a toss up. I am curious what amps have you tried and what did you settle on?
Classe 150,Bryston 250,Meridian 200. Believe it or not The Meridian has the highest current and plays the cleanest this is the AMP I use now with balanced cabels. Souns great but I want to bridge to 1000 watts into the 4 ohm load. The watts above are into 8 ohm loads.
I am a fellow Thiel 2.3 owner. I am using a Pass Labs x-150 on them right now. I am saving up for the x-350. Like you said the more power the better.
Yes, even though the 2.3 is more efficient than other Thiels, well, at lower power levels my experience was that the sound was lean. I got good results with CJ Premier 12's at 140 watts per side, but I suspect that doubling the power would have resulted in a still more balanced presentation. This taught me a lesson in interpreting the "sensitivity" spec of a loudspeaker........