Thiel scs 4

Looking to possibly replace a solid state amp with tube amp in a nearfield listening position. Any suggestions or thoughts on this? These speakers sound glorious with the krell but I want tube amps already. Will be plugged into a VTL TL2.5 preamp where I have a sort of movie/itunes/music setup going on.

I saw a sister company of Cary which makes cheaper monoblocks (sixpacs) which has led me down this road of curiosity enough to post.
How about a tube preamp with the Krell?

I am using an Audio Research which imparts a great lushness and midrange magic to the Thiels while still using my old SS amps
Thanks Doggie thats what is currently going VTL TL2.5 preamp. Am considering tube amplifier cause of their smaller footprint but was wondering if it would be satisfactory performance wise with pure class A tube integrated like Cary has with the CAD-300SEI. Maybe matching the pre to a class A/B offering from VTL (ST-150) is the real way to go
Only way to tell is to try a demo, I guess.

I have heard a small push pull 18W DIY tube integrated driving the CS2.4s before and it sounded great with jazz vocals. But it wouldn't be my choice for more dynamic pieces or with large scale classical pieces