thiel v1.5 vs 2.2

Looking to choose between.Please no other brand suggestion.
Rock,pop,jazz.Melos tube preamp krell kst 100 amp.A dark sounding krell.Straight wire encore cable and interconnects.
I own both 1.5s and 2.3s..ahven't heard the 2.2s. In moving up to the 2.3s, the big difference was a more extended low end (more weight and heft to the sound, althought the 1.5s are very good down to about 45 Hz), and a "taller" and therefore more believable soundstage.
I have no clue about the 2.2s, other than reputation, but I owned and loved my 1.5s for 6 years. I lived with my Thiels for 5 years before I went with a sub. Since the Thiels have great lower extension, to begin with, I crossed them over very low. 45Hz. Highs are weak: a little hard, harsh, metalic, if you will. Vocals: ooo la la. These speakers won't do it, if you're a rocker, without a sub. Happy listening. peace, warren