Thinking about a C45 mac for my modded HCA2

Looking for a change from my PCA2 with hicurrent power supply. Looking to warm up the sound a little. Speakers are solilquy 6.3. If i got the mack I could ditch my tuner along with the pre/power supply
All the recent McIntosh preamps are really sweet and so nice and easy to use. The volume control alone is orgasmic and their sound is so rich it sounds truly natural. Great choice for a preamp and I am sure you know how famous McIntosh tuners are. You won't regret getting one IMO. I can't imagine my stereo without mine.

Got to admidt, its really cool to be able to plug in a tuner on the fly and the quality is awesome. Its not a real popular model and I cant figure out why.
Same tuner as the MR85, very nice one at that.