Thinking of changing amplifier to


After happily having a Hegel H390 for right at 2 years,  I have an opportunity to pickup a pair of PS Audio, BHK 300 mono blocks. Has anyone ever been able to do  the a side by side comparison?  I have an ARC SP9 MKll that would be the preamp and of course, I still have the KEF Reference 5’s as the speakers. 



That's like comparing apples and oranges.  The BHK 300 mono blocks are in a different and higher league altogether. Not to mention the fact that you'd be stepping up to separates.  Even the BHK Signature 250 s, which are a couple of steps below the H390 would surprise you!  I can't give you a side-by-side comparison, but I do own several PS Audio components and I can tell you that the voicing of their components is dead on!  

@curiousjim Going from the 250 WPC with the H390 to the BHK @ 300 WPC will give you nothing in noticeable power increase,  IMHO.  Not sure that I would see the point? The H390 is a wonderful amp.  Again, IMHO.  In my own experience, If you're not going to an amp with double the power, there is little to justify the move.  I happen to think Hegel makes great equipment.  My 2 cents.  

I have seen that it is not solely the watts that are determining the power from an amp. My CODA #16 is only 150 | 300 | 600 watts and it sounds more powerful than the rather powerful Sanders Magtech at 500 | 900. I think it is the power supply that is making the difference.


I know the H390 is a very very capable piece of kit, but…

I have a noticeable lack of midrange in my system.  I’ve been following the prices of the used H590 market and for about the same price as I can get a used H590, I can get the 300’s. My thoughts were because the 300’s have a tube component, I might be able to adjust the midrange with some tube rolling. Oh and seeing as I have almost never used the DAC or streamer sections, it might be another reason to switch.


The H390 is the first integrated amp that I have ever owned, not counting the receiver that’s attached to my TV.  So I am well aware of the differences. Oh and there are many many other factors besides watts that are considered when choosing any amplifier.


Lol, I doubt I use 90% of the power I have now. I’d be doing it for the

separate power supplies, the tubes, the potential quality increase and to get back to separates. Oh and maybe because they’re there. 😁

curiousjim OP: You must have me confused with someone else. I said nothing about wattage. Good luck with your decision.

Lack of midrange, look at your speakers.  the H390 does not have a midrange problem.  that said, the PSA amp is a quality product as well.

Power?  who needs power?  Oh, people with insensitive speakers.  I sometimes wonder if manfacturers make 88dB speakers just to sell high power amps.