Thinking of changing Bedroom bookshelf speakers

I have had a pair of Audioengine A5 plus speakers since they came out. I use the Audioengine B1 bluetopth adapter to stream Spotify from a tablet. I am thinking about buying a pair of SVS Prime Wireless Pro and was wondering what to expect. How are the SVS speakers at low volume listening?


SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers are known for their high-quality sound and versatility. They are designed to provide excellent audio performance in various settings, including low-volume listening. When it comes to low-volume listening, the SVS Prime Wireless Pro should perform well, delivering clear and detailed sound even at lower volume levels. Here are some features and aspects to consider:

  1. High-Quality Audio: SVS is well-regarded for producing speakers with clear and detailed sound. The Prime Wireless Pro speakers are no exception and should deliver excellent audio quality even at lower volumes. You can expect well-balanced sound with good clarity and precision.

  2. Room Calibration: The SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers offer room calibration features that help optimize the sound based on your room's acoustics. This can be especially useful for low-volume listening, as it helps maintain sound quality at different volume levels.

  3. Connectivity: These speakers come with various connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and physical inputs. This flexibility allows you to stream music from various sources and devices, ensuring that you can enjoy your music at your preferred volume.

  4. DSP and Equalization: SVS speakers often include digital signal processing (DSP) and equalization options. These features can enhance your listening experience, particularly at lower volumes, by fine-tuning the sound to your preferences.

  5. Build and Design: SVS products are known for their build quality, and the Prime Wireless Pro speakers should be no exception. Their design and build contribute to the overall sound quality and can minimize vibrations that might affect low-volume listening.

It's essential to audition the SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers if possible to ensure they match your preferences and expectations. Additionally, considering your usage of the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth adapter, you may want to check compatibility and any potential improvements in the Bluetooth capabilities, as this can impact your wireless streaming experience. Overall, SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers are likely to provide an upgrade in sound quality and offer good performance for low-volume listening in your bedroom setup.

Wow the above seems like an AI response!?

your A5s are awesome. I’d recommend upgrading your source from the B1 to a Wiim Pro or a Bluesound Node.  Using Spotify Connect over wifi will give you a SIGNIFICANT improvement in clarity and resolution vs Bluetooth. Especially at low Volumes. 

be well!

Hi Leemaze -

Thanks for the response. You are right about the first response! I like your option about replacing the B1 with Wiim Pro. I had not even thought of that. I don't dislike my Audio Engine A5's - I just thought maybe the SVS would be a big jump.

BTW - My in bed listening is:

Wiim Mini connected to Topping DX3 Pro+ and HIFIMAN Sundara. I was thinking about changing the Wiim Mini and Topping to either a Bluesound Node or the new FIIO R7. What do you think?

Oh rad. Yeah the R7 could be a big upgrade for your phones - worth an audition for sure. And then you can move the mini + topping to your A5+!

that would be dope. I love those A5+s. I’ve bought them for several friends as gifts so I can hear good sound at their houses, lol. :)

let me know what you think!


I purchased a Wiim Pro Plus Dac/Streamer to replace the Audio Engine B1 Bluetooth receiver. Wow - new life for the Audio Engine A5+! Truly a worthwhile upgrade.