Thinking of replacing my Bat spaceheater with class D, real world thoughts please

Ok so I know there are already lots of threads on class D both negative and positive

As I have had a very positive result with replacing the ss amps in my ht rig with a single tiny Nuforce class D amp I was tempted to look into the same for my stereo rig.

This is a little more difficult as my present amp is a BAT VK600SE, 120LB of muscle and heat.

Now I am in love with my present sound but still am very curious if class D could do anything for me as it certainly did in the ht rig although those ss amps were not in the BAT league to start with.

So I would like to hear from people who have actually gone this route, replaced their expensive, heavy, power consuming amps with tiny little cold running boxes and what their results were.

Was it uplifting, about the same or make you wish you had never heard of class D!

I recently switched from SS forever and went class D.  I have been a Rega, Creek fan forever and needed to sell off some stuff to bring money back to the family.  So, I sold some higher end Rega stuff and went to Wyred 4 Sound since I was intrigued by it, just like you.  Dare I say, what was meant to be a compromise has turned out to be a real joy.  I have a W4S DAC-2 plugged direct into ST-500 MkII power amp running my KEF LS50.  To me, their best feature is projection of voices regardless of volume.  I listen to a lot of "mellow" acoustic music and Class D has served that music well, IMO.  I also appreciate the extra wattage (I've always had amps <85 wpc).  When I crank it up with the kids and have a dance party there is no lack of slam.  

Also, my dad's system runs bel canto mono blocks.  Unsure of the models but they are 1000 wpc.  He's using them to run Legacy speakers.  I feel the same about the vocal projection.  Feels intimate to me.  His system is way cooler than mine.  

So, there's two very different systems running Class D that I would consider successful in relaying music enjoyment.  

Finally, one of the reasons I invested in W4S is that they are always improving previous models of their equipment with upgrade packages.  By the time you get an itch for "more" you can do it in a more fiscally responsible manner (as if spending all this money on our audio rigs is fiscally responsible in the first place).  

Hope this is helpful.  
The view from the cheap seats:
Comparing a BAT amp to class D is like comparing  Quintarelli Giuseppe Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico Riserva 1995 to Chianti, a very specific flavor to a broad range. Implementation is more complex than Hypex vs. Icepower, just as all class A/B amps don't sound the same.

For what it's worth I recently upgraded from a modest Class A/B integrated to a Primare I32. I am very happy! That being said, I am a detail fiend. I use the Primare to drive Canton Ergo 3 way towers; which are also very detailed.
I would like to first start by saying I am a dealer of some great sounding HI-FI products.

If you're making a move to Class D or Class G Amplification, Make sure the manufacturers are making a Great Analog power supply. Always keep the Amps on. Do not turn them off. They stabilize after 24 hours. Give them 300-400 hours of break in. You will be very pleased.
I carry the Audio Research DS450M Monoblocks that we sell at $4995.00 a pair now.
Its not surprising that W4S are  good listening.   They were Cullen in their previous iteration and were making the class D amps for PSA back then.. The internals I suspect and I don't know more that that-- If I recall correctly.        Class D   can excel depending on system synergy... just like any other setup.    And a credit to its capability and sonic  virtue--Im using a diminutive  $180 Trends class D without readily discernible dysfunction.  Certainly would have to A/B with another amp to perceive the difference  and  those I have here all cost much more as well.    
I've heard the  Jeff Rowland class D integrated driving speakers similar to mine (one up in the model chain) and was very impressed.. that coming from a SET guy.