Thinking of selling my BLUESOUND VAULT

I am thinking of selling my BLUESOUND VAULT CD ripper streamer. I thought I would use the cd ripper more but I don’t; instead I listen to Amazon HD streaming and I can’t be bothered burning my discs when I can listen to anything my hearts desiring at fairly high quality. So my question is since I can’t use an external DAC with my Vault I want to some ideas about getting a separate streamer and an external DAC for under $1,000. ( previously driven). I will be keeping my MFA Magus A2 preamplifier and MEITNER MTR101 monoblocks to my BOZAK Urban speakers. Am I being realistic in price range or should I just keep the Vault? Thank you. 
I have the Bluesound vault original version and use a Mytek Liberty and the sound is wonderful not sure why you think you cant use an external Dac since it has a tosh-link   
@Mark11050, Thank you for your reply Mark as that is the same Vault I own.  I will definitely be looking at the Mytek Liberty. 
@DjFlex if I can’t find an external DAC that suits me like the Mytek Liberty then I will sell it for $350 or so. Thank you and I will reach out to you if I do.