Thorens T-series Components repair

I have a Thornes TTA-2000 power amp that was made and marketed about 5-7 years ago. I have some IC's and transistors that need replacing and my local repair shop has had no luck trying to locate any Thorens service info. in the U.S. He cannot identify the parts. A service manual might be obtained from Europe but my e-mails to Thorens have gone unanswered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, I have heard this a few times. Thorens made some GREAT sounding electronics for a few years. This was possibly what put Thorens into bankrupcy in the late 90's. We have no info at the US importer (me) or at the factory in Germany. After bankrupcy, everything was sold to an ex-employee who liquidated it. My best suggestion is to email some older Thorens dealers in Europe. If you get a manual even in German, French or Italian, It will work for the tech or I (US Importer) will offer to translate it for you (If you allow me to post it for others on the web sight).

Good Luck, were hunting with you!

Thorens US