Thorens TD165 in perfect shape. What cartridge?

I was given A Thorens TD165 by someone who never used it. What cartridge is recommended? I will spend up to $150.00.
Is this turntable worth putting money into to upgrade arm. Will an rb250 compliment this table or suffer.
I'd get a Dynavector 10X4 or whatever the latest model is, a Shure V15, or an Ortofon in your price range and leave the arm alone. The Thorens were designed as a system and have very good arms, unlike conventional wisdom. Be careful with SOME Grado cartridges they may hum in the Thorens.
My thoughts on a good pairing for your turntable is a Stanton 681EEE or 681EEES which you can still purchase new within your budget. I would also suggest lightly lubricating all moving parts.
Always look at the cartridge' s compliance. Nowadays vinyl know- how is isolated at the desk of the manufacturer of very expensive items, whereas in the glorydays of vinyl, each reviewer had the courage to define the compliance of a cartridge. Very few modern vinylits now about the relation between eff mass and stylus compliance. The more expensive Shures models have relatively high compliances. As the arm of a thorens 165 mk1 has an eff. mass of 16 gr, those models are mechanically seen a bad match and will never deliver their own musical results in this situation. So is it a bad arm? No!
Interesting,,,I am waiting for a just recently purchased and just serviced Thorens Td165 also and I have a Grado Prestige Blue,,,I hope the sucker doesnt hum...