Thoughts on a Potential New Rig

Big vinyl enthusiast looking to put together a setup for ~4k. I have a small NYC apartment (L-shaped, 20'x10' at its roomiest point, full of records, books, etc) and am therefore limited to monitor speakers. My taste in sound leans toward musical and slightly warm. 

My planned new rig:

Silverline Minuet Grand
McIntosh MA6200 Integrated
Technics Sl-1025

Would like to hear opinions on whether the components will complement each other well or if there are any major red flags. I expect a lot of negative opinions on the Technics, but I'm fairly certain I want to go direct-drive and the options at my price point are limited. I like the high-torque motor, ability to play 45s easily and that it's built like a tank. Could be convinced to go a different route if people think it'll be a bad fit. 

Let me know your thoughts!

I like your system ideas, and you should be well under $4K budget, right?  Vintage Technics ($1000 maybe less), McIntosh MA6200 integrated about $1500, then presumably $500 or so for the Silverlines or other vintage monitors.  Check out my vintage system page.  I use Focal monitors and like them a lot.  Especially like your choice of Mac integrated, which is similar to my older but still great sounding MA5100. The headphone amp section should be excellent as well on the MA6200.

Maybe consider a Hsu Research or other moderate priced subwoofer too.  That'll warm things up, help system imaging, and work nicely in a moderate sized space.  You'll still be under budget, especially if you get inexpensive cabling for now.  The next move would be a better phono stage, but for now the Mac phono ought to be fine.

Good luck!
@millercarbon - right! I know nothing about cables. Any recs?

goheelz -Thanks! Was planning on the Minuet Grands, which run about 2k new and (hopefully) about 1,200 used. Everything I've read makes them seem like a good pairing with the MA6200. Will def look at Focal too, as I know a lot of people sing their praises.  
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