Thoughts on Pass B1 buffer "preamp"?

Hi everyone,


My system is a fully horn loaded 104dB multi-amped system with an analogue active crossover. Main source is digital, DAC outputs a high 3v. For years and years I've been using the same vintage preamp, that I love, an almost unknown Korn&Macway SP100 that sounds fantastic.

Lately tho I've been wondering about trying out a simple buffer volume control such as the Pass B1, as with the preamp most of my listening happens with the volume pot well under the 09:00 position. The preamp has a great potentiometer (ALPS Black Velvet) and sounds great even at these low positions, no channels unbalance or such, but still it seems stupid to throw away so much volume to amplify it again farther down the chain.

I'd also love to have something that I can thinker with easily (swapping coupling caps, trying a stepped attenuator, that sort of things, without demolishing my beloved preamplifier.

So I'm looking for people who are using or have been using a B1, for reference. Basically, does it sounds as good as the hype says?


The DIY Audio Forum has 1000's of Posts dedicated to the Korg B1 Pre-Amp'.

I have heard this in numerous build guises, with a differing selection of Cap's Volume Control's and Power Supply designs.

It has impressed at its most basic model and blown me away at its upgraded versions.

Well worthwhile seeing if the version of the B1 can catch your attention and maybe inspire you to jump on board.

Well, I took the plunge and bought one, built by someone else with quality parts.

I must say, it sounds fantastic, very transparent but not thin nor sterile. A wonderful preamp.

@pindac the Korg version is a very different beast, I'm talking about the basic B1 JFet buffer.

@vinylvalet yup I've seen it, actually that's why got me interested and I don't regret it! There's my thread too now (Nickname is Kanedak)