Any thoughts on the Woo WA11?

This would be for my college-aged son. His dorm room is tiny and there's not a good place for a full-sized/desktop amp. I'm open to other suggestions as well for portable amps. The WA8 is a bit pricey and a touch large, though not out of the question. This is to be used with Focal Clears. (I'll check out Head-fi but I thought I'd ask here as well.)

Thank you!


I have spent at least 15 years putting together my headphone system. I have used Woo amps for most of that time. If in a similar position I would invest in a Woo without hesitation.  Also, one of my primary headphones is Focal Utopia. 

Your kid is really lucky. I would have enjoyed a few bucks for tuition. The WA8 looks incredible, I would buy that for myself.  Maybe I will. I use a A&K SP1000 DAP with my Focal Utopia, I am pretty sure the WA8 will blow away the amp on my DAP. 

I think your son would be happy with either. 

Thank you for your encouraging response. And you're so very right that he's lucky. I never had anything like that at his age; in fact, when it comes to headphones, I don't have anything like that at my age! He's a music major, passionate about listening and creating. He worked hard for the headphones and I'd like to give him an amp for Christmas. (I know you weren't asking for an explanation but there it is!)


At his age I had a set of 15 pound... well they felt like it... Koss that gave everyone who wore them a splitting headache from the weight and poorly cushioned head band.

HA! I had probably the same Koss cans. We're talking 1975 or so. I always assumed that the splitting headache was from the Zeppelin I was cranking into my ears! 

@soix , it'll be mostly be an iPhone > amp/dac > headphones. So an amp/dac combo. He's got a Bluesound streamer at home but at school it's his phone. 

I've always had headphones (Sennheisers and Grados) but I've never had much luck with amps, though it's been many years since I put my mind to one. I've listened to the AudioQuest Dragonfly, the red I think, and I just couldn't hear much difference from my phone or preamp, but that really may just be me. (See above, re Zeppelin/Koss; my hearing is not aces any more!)


😊👍... I'm pretty sure that anyone using those horrible Koss headphones had the same reaction. I thought you would get that!