Thoughts on the "New" Dynaco ST70x ?

Paid a visit to Hawthorne Stereo last week and was surprised to see a pristine ST70x. When I asked about it, the shop owner said that it was a new design intended to be an extension of what David Hafler developed way back when...

Did a demo with the ST70x paired with ATC Speakers, and it had a very nice sound. Personally, I'd always felt that tubes were a bit "fiddly" for individuals such as myself who minored in "clumsy". The $3K price-point seemed reasonable for the quality of the sound, but I never had the impulse to make any changes to my current "Flat-Earth" setup.

I had no idea that the Dynaco brand had been relaunched, and when I did a search on Agon the term "ST70x" returned ZERO Results. As such, thought I'd post to see if anyone else had test-driven the offerings from the new Dynaco.

For the curious, info on the revised ST70x can be found at:
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I just noticed their website last night. Looks interesting. I always liked the sound of the original.  Seems like they have "updated" it for better reliability.
Hawthorne is a great shop :-) almost always leave with a used something....
i have not heard  the new Dynaco
the cosmetics are certainly improved but my guess is it would be hard pressed up against a Van Alstine new build of the same amp....however that would require a bit of a leap as it is sold direct

i have seen some DIY and direct to consumer crowd bashing of the new Dynaco offerings as profit driven, etc...
i think that is unfair, especially when you add what a great dealer Hawthorne is for demo and after sale service, etc