Thread size of Martin Logan Sequel II's spikes

I have a pair of Sequel II's that I have had setting on Nordost Pulsar Points, which weren't screwed in. (The speakers sounded better and were easier to level--while, also, obtaining equal weight on each of the four Pulsar Points--by repositioning them under the Sequel's.)
But, now, I want to sell the speakers and can't find the original "spikes" that came with them. However, I would like to have something to screw into them.
Does anyone know the corresponding thread size of the holes they fit into?
Whatever size it is, it's smaller than Pulsar Points' threaded holes.
Also, can I replace those original spikes, somehow?
If I can't, I could use the Pulsar Points with an adapter, I guess, and include them with the speakers.
But, I'd, still, need to know the thread size.