Threaded footers for my DIY audio rack

I am building a 3 tier rack that will have shelves 2" thick, 46" long and 18" deep.  The uprights will be 2" thick, 5" wide and 32" tall, two on either end of the rack.  The rack itself will be approx. 200 lbs.  Total weight with equipment will be approx. 375 lbs.  
  I am looking for suggestions as what threaded footer I should be considering for best performance.
lol yeah for a lightweight rack!

Actually since the footer has to attach to the rack a lot depends on your rack construction. Mine for example uses concrete and sand shelves with ABS legs filled with concrete. An end cap screws onto a short length of pipe set into the concrete. Turning the end cap levels the stand. Drilled and threaded you could attach any type of cone you want. Rock solid even under my 800 lb turntable rack.

But if you're using wood or steel something else might work better. What're you doing?
Check out Adona, they sell all kind of cones, spikes and footers.  If you have the dough, I would go with the ISO Acoustics GAIA footers.  IMHO, there are no better out there.
That is one SERIOUS TT rack.

Were you planning on it still to be standing even if an earthquake leveled your house!
And still playing no doubt... Lol.

Very nice looking piece of kit in all honesty.
For the record I do like Herbies gear, using there stuff under my amp and speakers.
If memory serves me correctly they also do very heavy duty versions rated at 200lb plus I think.
Look at or, they have a nice variety of feet, casters, etc.