THULE Spirit 100 CD player; any thoughts??

Hi. I have an opportunity to purchase a gently used Thule (I'm told its pronounced "TOO-LA"; Danish, you know) Spirit 100 CD player for less than $300. I've had my Denon DCD-1500 for about 20 years now, and I figure its about time to replace. My system consists of an Integra receiver (100 wpc into 8 ohms), KEF Reference 103/4 loudspeakers, and Audioquest Midnight hyperlitz speaker cables & interconnects. There isn't much info on the internet, but the unit appears to use top-notch 20 bit DAC converters (dual) and op-amps, and it appears to play SACD as well as conventional CD. It does have gold-plated RCA jacks and one co-axial digital out. Very Danish and minimalist looking, and weighs around 20 lbs. Seems to "look good on paper", but I'd like to know if any of you have any experience with this brand. I'm buying it on-line, so no opportunity to listen first. My ancient Denon will be a tough act to follow. Any advice?? Thanks all.
THULE Spirit 100 CD player I had this player many a year ago. It is built hefty and sounds smooth maybe a little to smooth to the point of boring. I would say that at that price 300, to much. I would stay with your Denon or better yet go for a used Sony sacd player such as the 9000s that are going on the Gon for even cheaper and play cd and sacds to. This is just my humble view point some may differ.
Thanks so much! I'll see if there are others out there with experience with this model. The seller claims an original retail of $1,200, but then again $$ doesn't always = sound...