Tice Audio Elite 3 or Chang Lightspeed 9600 mkII?

I'm between these two line conditioners. Have any of you used both and have a preference? Thanks for any input.
If considering the Tice, by all means move to the front of the line and get the Powerblock 3C series. Build quality and sonics are next-generation. It will leave the Chang in the dust, and you'll never think twice about it. The Elite is old and not of the same class - I own the Elite 4 and the 3C-HP, and while the sonics of the Elite are also great, it's not nearly in the same class as the 3C series. The Powerblock 3C will come up on Audiogon every couple of months, so keep an eye out for it.
Evander, i have used the CHANG (6600) AND PS Audio (P300) line conditioners and decided on the Tice power block 3 Signature series with the" High power feature" The Tice was the unit that sounded the best with every componet plugged into it .In fairness to the Chang it was not the unit designed for the amps, so i would have needed a Chang for the line units and the 9600 for the amps(total of two $$$).Same applies to the PS Audio units,I would have required more then one unit,plus i could not take the HEAT!.I have every thing plugged into the Tice. My system?? Krell 450mcx mono amps,Krell kct preamp,Krell kps28c cd player and an Accuphase fm tuner.Sound is best with everything plugged into the Tice,and the Tice cords(two)pluggeg into their respective dedicated outlets.