Tice Micro Block?

I have inherited a Tice Micro Block conditioner. I do not have a manual for it. The front switch is a three position one. I assume the bottom reverses phase. What about the center position? Any other info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I bought a xerox of the manual from Audiogon user ID "HelloSimplyMusic," who is a dealer. You could contact him to get a copy.

I excerpt from the manual: "This three position rocker switch corrects for time differences between voltage and current. This switch may be operated at any time without problems. The position of the phase switch is load dependent. Transistor pre-amps, tuners etc. draw little power and will require one setting. Vacuum tube pre-amps, tuners etc. may require a different setting. Setting the switch is most effectively done by ear. The most obvious problem caused by out of phase power is poor sound stage portrayal and poor focus of instruments within the stage. The key to finding the best setting for the phase control switch is achieving a believable sound stage with sharp focus. However, ultimately whatever setting you prefer for whatever reason is the setting to use. When operating the phase correction switch, it is advisable to keep your volume level low. Operating any switch on any component at high volume levels can result in speaker damage."

Illuminating, eh? Just flip the switch until it sounds good.

One key factor you should be aware of is the Tice Micro Block is designed for use with source components that do not draw a lot of current. Its circuitry is rated up to only 2 amps, corresponding to 250 watts, for both sockets combined. It has a 2 amp slow blow fuse that will blow if pushed. It will not match well with high current/high wattage power amps, nor with too many components plugged in the back, for that matter. Good luck.