Tidal electronics...

Hi Goners!

Would like to hear from owners of Tidal ELECTRONICS...I am interested if you feel they are made to the same level of quality that they're speakers have come to enjoy.

Thanks to all for any light you can shed!
After having spent a few days with Tidal Preos-D in my house this summer, I am finally buying one to replace my Sovereign Director preamplifier. Many people know about the quality of the preamplifier that is easily among the best.

I haven't heard many opinions about the DAC that is included inside. My personal belief is that the internal dac of Preos-D ranks extremely high ( I had extensive comparisons with my Stahl Tek Vekian and the Tidal dac is at least as good as the Vekian). So when someone considers the Preos-D he must take into account that he is buying top class preamplifier and DAC in the same time. It is terrific value for money even if some people think that its price is obscure. 
An excellent description of the Tidal Preos-D capabilities can be found in the Tidal blog of Tidal's UK importer Lotus HiFi

I have a couple of suggestions for those who would like to maximize the performance of the internal Dac of Preos-D. Try the Mutec MC3+USB either as usb interface or reclocker. Try to connect the Mutec to the digital input of Preos using a top digital cable ( my personal picks would be the Argento FMR, Tidal Reference digital cable and the Stereomatic Tombo Tron).

The above combination would reduce the incoming jitter enough to demonstrate the magic of the ladder Dac inside the Preos