Tidal "Exclusive Mode" + Dragonfly Red + IEMs

I just purchased a pair of the Campfire Audio Mammoth IEMs to go along with my AQ Dragonfly Red DAC / Amp. I’m having issues with the volume while Tidal is in "Exclusive Mode".

While in "Exclusive Mode" (which is needed to play MQA through the Dragonfly on Tidal) and both on my PC and iPhone, the device volume must be on its lowest setting (e.g., 1 out of 100) otherwise the music is way too loud.

Turning off "Exclusive Mode" in Tidal allows more normal playback volume and control. But, I don’t like that option. I have a pair of 250 ohm headphones (Beyerdynamic DT990), and I don’t have this volume issue.

It seems like this problem might be related to the IEM’s low impedance (~8 ohms) and powerful Dragonfly Red.

Could this be and I may need to find another pair of IEMs? OR, am I missing something?

If you can, ditch Tidal and it’s ridiculous and intrusive MQA crap and try Qobuz and you’ll probably be fine — and happier. I am, and I’m also using a Dragonfly Red in my headphone rig BTW.  
Hey nickamland,
Im really glad you raised this issue. I have a pair of ibasso it00 which are 16 ohm. I use a Samsung s9 with a dragonfly red and play through Tidal or USBPP. Similar to you, I can still hear audio when the setting is on minimum. Lucky the it00 isn't as sensitive and I can go about 30% before it gets too loud. I get the same problem whether I play through tidal or USBPP.
I was actually considering getting the mammoths myself. But when I saw they had such a low sensitivity, I was worried they would be too loud at minimum volume. And sounds like they are!
Man... this is such a dumb problem we are having. Sent an email to Audioquest? See if they can fix the problem?