Tidal ickstream outage

Guys, if your ickstream/Tidal is showing 'no content' in the directories and you can't play music, Tidal had an outage since midday yesterday. Info on their website. You may need to uninstall tidal service in ickstream, was a bugger for me but does sound great (maybe even better), now.
Your advise was right-on. Uninstalling Tidal was a little confusing but once re-installed my playlist reappeared. Thanks for the advise.
Thanks for the tip.

I found a simpler solution on a forum on ickstream.

1. Log in to ickstream from your device
2. Go to "Services"
3. Delete Tidal
4. Add Tidal

Worked for me and, I agree, seems to sound better . . and no dropouts lately.
I, too did the uninstall/install, and I also wondered if it didn't somehow sound better than before! Huge appreciation to the ickstream programmers who are doing this work for free.
That is the way to install/uninstall. Thanks for walking them through it. It does sound better. Notice the new content being added. I can read my hifi rag music reviews and listen to alot of the music at the same time. That has been a dream of mine for a while. The best way to experience new music. Now, lets starp tidal to a PONO.