TiDAL Launches in the US

Got this from TiDAL today:

We are very pleased to announce that TIDAL is now available in the US and UK, with many more countries coming soon.

Since announcing our launch, we've been thrilled by the huge amount of interest we've received from fans, artists and the Music Industry alike.

We are launching today, and look forward to welcoming you to the service. We are going to be evolving daily, with more music, more videos, more editorial and more hardware partners. With TIDAL we want to put the quality back into digital music.

Welcome to TIDAL, where music access and portability will finally be matched with supreme sound quality and a profound dedication to showcasing music at its best.

We have an ear for quality, and we know you do too.
Sounds like it's a different Tidal. This appears to be some kind of music service. The speaker company has been available in the U.S. for years now, right?
Albert...this is the new hi-res music service from Sweden/Norway.

Here is the link: TiDAL

Sorry for the confusion.
I remember those folks at RMAF, they were very excited about the product and playing a big screen music video using the service.

I should remember after that experience but every time I hear Tidal, I think of the speakers.

Thanks for the heads up.
Tidal needs to increase their library by a lot. Until they do I'll stop after the free trial. I'm listening to my fourth song and things sound quite impressive. Piano sounds realistic on the new Annie Lennox album.