Tight accurate midfield monitor pair suggestions

I know this isnt a studio site, but thought I'd pick your collective experienced brains.
I have a home studio built from the ground up and the business is going well. My nearfields...
I have a pair of Adams 2.5A and Yamaha NS-10s, dynaudio 1.3 SEs

Now I'm looking for a good accurate passive midfield monitor.
I have a Jeff Rowland model 5 amp. Ther room is well treated.
Currently Im using B&W 805s, but find these are just too smeared. Sound great, but for mixing it needs to be tighter and more accurate esp in the low mids - lows. Bass needs to be focused. Low mids accurate. revealing and open, detailed in the mids. Quite honestly, for mixing purposes the highs dont have to be all that, just not fatiguing

i prefer monitor style cabs just because the set-up, but if you have floor model in mind, polease speak up.

Price range up to $3000

thank you in advance
I can casually talk without having to raise my voice at all to talk to the clients while listening at 10-12 ft in front of the speakers.

At 12 feet back you lose 12 db. Asuuming you want at least 10 db of headroom then you are going to need a decent speaker, preferably with a pro woofer that does not badly compress when driven hard.

If you are judging rock at normal conversation level with your clients then this might be a bit too low a level for bass checks - you'll end up with overly bass heavy mixes unless you can adjust for it in your mind.

You want a speaker with a wide sweetspot and NOT a narrow dispersion monitor like a Dynaudio nearfield.

ATC will do the trick for you - will give a very large sweetspot for you and your clients. A larger Dynaudio or Merlin would work also but you said you don't want a floorstander - so I would not go that way....besides you have three near-fields already.

I'd also seriously consider adding a good tight subwoofer like JL F113 and have everything in room calibrated with a measurement microphone - see my virtual system for calibration plots.
PMC IB2S is another great option but it is way above your budget.

Have you considered Barefoot MM27? Double your budget but they are active so no need for a beefy amp...
Second on the Lipinski's. Stereophile has a review of the 707's on line, most of which applies to the 505's as well.
The new Green Mountain Rio's are in your price range ($2500). Very accurate and musical sounding, time and phase coherent too. Some early sales have been into the pro/studio market. Disclosure: I sell 'em, Departure Audio.
May want to look at the Lenehan ML1. There are a few testimonials from sound engineers on the Lenehan Audio website. You can also inquire and talk to Mike Lenehan about his thoughts regarding using them for your purpose. He is awesome to deal with.