Tightening binding posts problem

I am having a hard time getting the binding posts tight on me speakers, I have paradigm studio 100s. By hand, I can't get them real tight. My cable is terminated with WBT spades. Any suggestions?
Some posts are just not going to get tight without stripping themselves. I had this problem and converted my posts to WBT's. Now no problems. A couple hundred dollars later of course (darn BiWire!)

If they are loosening up on you try a littel teflon tape on the threads. This won't affect the transferance as long as the spade is up against the base of the connector. Teflon tape is available at any hardware store and won't damage your threads.
use pliers or get the lug nut to tie them with wrench.
i also used to have the same problem with Creek amp where I couldn't tie binding posts strong and once they shout-out the output stage so i believe such remodeling or installing different high-quality binding posts is worth.
I've had great results using an Audioquest Speaker Binding Post Wrench. $9.95 from most retailers.
Happy listening.....Erik
I use an appropriately sized socket (without the wrench) to hand tighten.

In addition, where the speaker cables exit the spade, I will point the cables at about the 4 o'clock position (instead of straight down at the 6 o'clock position). As I hand tighten using the socket, I'll using the other hand to turn the spades/cables toward the 6 o'clock position simultaneously.

This method seems to work quite well at providing a very snug connection between spade and binding post.

I had the same problem with binding posts that were plastic sleeve over metal lug with a burr that seats in the plastic. Over time, changing cables and tightening stripped the plastic over the metal and I had to replace them with all metal binding posts. Michael Percy has a good variety.
Stehno's suggestion is the same method that I've used quite successfully for many years. Try to get a grip with a socket around the post (just use your fingers around the socket - don't torque too liberally with a ratchet driver or you may strip the threads).
Also, place the spade lug onto the post at about 45 degrees counterclockwise from the desired final position. As the post rotates tighter, turn the spade in a clockwise direction along with the post. They'll end up at a much tighter final position by doing so.
If they are metal, I would suggest either the AQ wrench which accepts 7/16" and 1/2", or just use a nut driver. If they are plastic, fuhggediboudit!
I suggest some Kung Fu practice;then try again.Upgrading posts or/and using bare wire connections can be rewarding as well.The idea of using tools in this case just repels me.
X-terminators add an interface level and, while convenient, slightly veil the sound.
The AQ binding post tool is the goods - highly recommended.
If you cannot tighten them even with a socket or the AQ tool, something may be broken as Ncarv points out, or you may have to get inside the speaker to tighten the nut on the crossover side of the post - had to do that on my DSigs when I first got them.
Thanks for all the responces, it used a socket very gingerly and that did the trick.