Time Delay on Denafrips Ares ii ?

I remember reading somewhere the there is a time delay on the Ares. I use my dac partially for watching tv so this would be a no go. Can anyone who has one confirm this for me one way or the other?  I would like to try one, but not if I can’t use it for the tv. 


I just purchased a Terminator II and had this same concern. I emailed Alvin and he explained that the Terminator II uses an adaptive buffer to reclock the incoming signal. This helps reject jitter from poor sources. 

This buffer can cause variable latency with some of the more common inputs. The USB input should have limited latency. Alvin didn't explain why this is. 

I use my Terminator II with my PS5 and I have no latency issues. 

I do use a Mutec to reclock before the DAC. This makes the jitter level coming in to the DAC likely very very low which could be why I don't see much latency. 


I have an Aries II, but do not use it with the TV/HT set-up, so never tried to sync it with video. Seems per 'King' the latency should be small. But, I know my TV has sync adjustment (most all today do), so I'm not sure why you shouldn't be able to adjust a small amount of sync via the TV directly if it is indeed an issue.