Tired wiating - good Bryston/what else to get?

I am really tired to wait for a good occasion for a nice Bryston amp..
I was looking for a used 4B or an almost new 2B LP amp..
But everytime i look for some, none show or the deals go off :(

SO i need to know what else could i get that gives a lot of bang for the bucks!!

What i am looking for: crisp, details clear...
an amplifier that doesn't alter the sound but simply amplifies it ( as amplifier suggests :p )

Wich model/brand should i be looking for ?
I really have a dig for Canadian products ( home sweet home ) but i am open to any sugestion!
Please take into account that my budget is reallly low now unfortunatly :(

here is my current setup :

Digital sources ->
Waveterminal 192 ( 24bit 192KHZ dac that rux )->
????missing link amplifier ????? ->
Mirage OM-9 speakers + ( soon )Mirage BPS 150i sub

thanks :)
Soundcard? As in this is a PC setup? In that case I would just buy a $200 Adcom 545, you'll be set, likely never hear any difference between the Adcom and a 10x more expensive amp.
try and find used b&k 202 nd have it modified by musical concepts, for under $500 probably closer to 400 you cn have very powerful smooth-sounding amp that should drive anything reasonable
What does a computer setup changes for you to select this particular amplifier?
please elaborate on that :)