Tired wiating - good Bryston/what else to get?

I am really tired to wait for a good occasion for a nice Bryston amp..
I was looking for a used 4B or an almost new 2B LP amp..
But everytime i look for some, none show or the deals go off :(

SO i need to know what else could i get that gives a lot of bang for the bucks!!

What i am looking for: crisp, details clear...
an amplifier that doesn't alter the sound but simply amplifies it ( as amplifier suggests :p )

Wich model/brand should i be looking for ?
I really have a dig for Canadian products ( home sweet home ) but i am open to any sugestion!
Please take into account that my budget is reallly low now unfortunatly :(

here is my current setup :

Digital sources ->
Waveterminal 192 ( 24bit 192KHZ dac that rux )->
????missing link amplifier ????? ->
Mirage OM-9 speakers + ( soon )Mirage BPS 150i sub

thanks :)
Try the NAD S200 - rated at 225watts per channel. I owned
two of them and they sounded wonderful!!...I love it.

Go to www.audioreview and search for "NAD S200" to read consumer review!!...Everyone loves it!!!. There's
a guy that is selling it for less than 1K here in Audiogon.

Look under the wanted section, there's an offer there.

i don't really like NAD..
everytime i've listened to NAD amps they always seemed to me
( this is relative right? ;p ) that they jump up on highs and crisp too much the bass.. like reverse of what you would want it to do :p

1000$ USD is alot over my budget..i can extend some.but not to that point :p

thanks neway for the input :)

(BTW the guy form who i bought the OM-9 had a NAD amp with the speakers..and i auditionned the speakers with the NAD plugged into them, ok it was a low NAD model of a few year old, but it was really overbright on the OM-9 :p )
I don't you can beat Rotel amps at the below $1000 price-point. They're smooth and full of low-end.
McCormacks are a relatively "crisp" sounding amp, and I mean that in a good way. Usually priced nicely on the used market. Also look into Marsh, good stuff at good used prices.
I have the OM9s and considering that they are efficient but power hungry, you definately need a dual mono type design or a solid 2 channel... Give the Aragon 8002 a try. It is the closest piece to a Krell at about 7-800 used. I have 2 in my system and the Palladiums!! Love Aragon with Mirage.. it opened them up tremendously and made the vocals seem less distant. Mirage speakers tend to sound better at moderate to higher volume levels.. at least to my ears...
Good luck,
Custom Audio LLC
Interesting..:-)....I haven't heard the lower end NAD yet. But their Silver Series Sounded great too me. The high are really smooth and the bass is very tight. It's the opposite of what you just concluded..:-)...

Anyway, it's all relative..:-)...We all have different taste. Good luck in finding a good amp.
Similar to, but better than Bryston, and still Canadian after all these years: Sim Audio. Classe also fits your description. A used Moon I-5 is cheap, lovely, and killer good. If you don't need the line stage, look for a used Celeste 4150, which are cheap as dirt and will make those OM-9's blast off.
Odyssey Stratos (www.odysseyaudio.com) can be had for about $800-900 used, one of the best I've heard of the many I've tried in the sub ~$1k and under range, actually sounding similar to John Curl's $6,000 monoblocks in many ways, and I imagine the $2K Odyssey monos would be extreamly similar...but at 1/3 the price. Go to audioreview.com and see the reviews on the odyssey amp, I believe it is the most and the highest reviewed product on the net.
Look for a Bryston B-60. There are always some for sale. That would give you the same amp as the 2B-LP now, plus a nice pre amp that you could bi amp into a 3B or 4B later on , when you find one in your price range. I just picked up a mint .5B and 3B. There out
there-keep looking.
Bryston's rolling their line again (ST to SST), you should see churn in the used market. I've noticed more well-priced 4B-ST's than usual in the last 2 months.
Thanks all for the NICE NICE inputs :)

i will look at ALLLL the options :)

Classe would be nice i think .. from Montreal :)
but i'm not sure about the Classe with the Mirage..never heard that combination :p

Sim audio is really cool but isn't it always out of price?

ahah canada rulez :p

i'm gonna check all the rest of the sugestions, to see what could fit me best :)

I sure would love to have a dual mono block setup to run the speakers with only 1 foot of wires :)
but the only amps that would do this without too much $$ are the Bryston 2B 2 times briged to mono ( 200W + )
anything else that would be good for monos ?

thanks again for your time!
By the way, i do not want to use a preamp as my sound card already serves taht purpose, and then, my point is to remove as many components as possible!

and run shortest wires possible too :p

Jin that is planning custom DIY pure silver teflon coated multiple strands speaker wires, and DIY interconnects using high quality RCA crimp style with high quality coaxial RG6 pure copper cables :)
Soundcard? As in this is a PC setup? In that case I would just buy a $200 Adcom 545, you'll be set, likely never hear any difference between the Adcom and a 10x more expensive amp.
try and find used b&k 202 nd have it modified by musical concepts, for under $500 probably closer to 400 you cn have very powerful smooth-sounding amp that should drive anything reasonable
What does a computer setup changes for you to select this particular amplifier?
please elaborate on that :)