TMC interconnects. Opinions on them

Any anyone heard or owned TMC interconnects or speaker cable.
I'm off for a vacation shortly (Yeah!), so I'll keep this brief. I've been using their Yellow to my bass amp. It's a great cable for the money (but stiff!). Great detail. Thinking of trying their balanced cable, too...but it's more pricey, but, as they say, it's truly balanced.
I purchased the TMC yellow interconnects by auction a few months ago and compared them to my CWS Stealth interconnects and the TMC interconnects were not as good as the Stealth. With the Stealth the sound was much cleaner. I really didn't break in the TMC's in very long before that audition so I have subsequently broken them in more but haven't yet given them a 2nd listen.
I have been using a TMC Yellow Label IC between my pre and power amps for about a month (after 200 hour break-in). The music is detailed with good depth. Bass is extended but I find there is too much of it. While it is a good cable I can't help looking for a better one. And these ICs really are *stiff*. Very difficult to handle if you don't have much space behind your rack; I worry that they are causing too much strain on the input connectors. Give them a try and if you don't like them they are willing to refund your money. In this price range also try Home Grown Audio's Super Silver ICs or Mapleshade's Clearview ICs (haven't tried these yet).
Marcy, which Stealt interconnets do you have. Do you have the Silver or copper ones.
Twilo: I have the Cross wrapped Silver interconnect and love them. It has two thin insulated strands of silver wire wrapped around a teflon tube. I just ordered a pair of the M-7 interconnects from Stealth and cannot wait until they arrive. The M-7 are 7 strands of gold plated silver. I have tried several interconnects including XLO, TMC and Home Grown Super Silvers and the Stealth crossed wrapped silver are better by a considerable margin. Marc