To all SELLERS, Pls mark your items as pending or-

I think it would save all parties involved some time and trouble if when selling an item and an offer has been made to edit your ad to say "sale pending" or if it's been sold mark it "Sold" I gotta say I'm getting tired of getting e-mail replies "It's been sold" or no answer at all.

I agree with you in principle, but not as far as marking an item "sale pending" after receiving an offer. There are so many tire-kickers and unreliable buyers out there that I only post "sale pending" when I think the offer is serious and I think the buyer will come through. With the down economy, I see fewer people ready to commit to anything, so closing a deal is taking longer in some cases. Just my $.02 Overall though, I agree - once you're in the endgame, be courteous enough to update your ad. I don't have much respect for people who can't be bothered to do that.
Mwilson hit it dead on...offers don't mean s#@%! Only when the money is in hand is it Truly SOLD!
Offers don't mean pending. Pending means terms have been agreed upon. And pending doesn't mean further offers can't be catalogued should there be dissolution of a contract. Pending might also mean a replies to further offers isn't necessasry. What do you think?