To Finish modding or not

I have a pair of Adcom GFA 565’s. They have been modded By Musical Designs. Mini Elite it was called years ago. And it really made a difference. A/B comparison to in Modded was incredible. I know if I finish the next level of the current mods they will be better. How much better I am not sure. Have ran then next to a Krell KSA 250 and they held their own. So do you guys feel doing the next step would be worth it? About $1400 is roughly what I am looking at. Some like mods, some don’t. Some like Adcom and some don’t. Lol.....  I’ll be driving a set of Maggie 1.7’s. Also how do you all feel about the Mcintosh MC 7150? 
The McIntosh 7150 is a Direct coupled circuit design one that McIntosh has used for a few decades I owned the MC 7200 and it was a fine amplifier great sound. However this circuit design is not McIntosh’s best. For a number of years in the 2000’s they were making Double balanced push-pull amplifiers in the 300wpc to 500wpc range, these are truly worth owning. Now McIntosh makes High power expensive Quad balanced designs.

Matt M
If you are keeping it for years to come, it may not be a bad choice, however, even though I would expect improvement, I would not expect night and day improvement.. next,  after the mod, your Adcom won't be worth much more than it is worth right now, so if you don't love the mod, then this may not be the best investment.  
I would encourage you to figure out how much the amp is worth if you sold it today and how much an amp that you would really like to have would run and start with that comparison.  For instance,  (just a random number, I have no idea of value)  you can sell your adcom for $800 and it would cost you $1400 to mod... without any other outlay of cash, you have to ask "What amp can I buy for $2200, am I better off with that than the modded Adcom"  
Good Luck with your quest,  Tim
After market mods are worth about .10 cents on the dollar at re sale.Unless you are emotionally attached to your amp sell it and move on.
Ok, thanks for the input. I do love the 565’s...... And have compared them to a KSA 250 running some big Gilmore’s and some Maggie’s. They held there own. Best the Krell in many ways. But overall the Krell was more refined. I know the mods aren’t worth much. Many  have been surprised how they sound. But I have been looking towards tubes and a hole host of different amps...... ummmmmm......... Probably right I should just move onto the next horizon. 
I can get a chance to get a MC 250 cheap..... Normallly wouldn’t go for Mac stuff. But the price is right. Not sure this is step better to drive down Vandersteen sig 2 car or not.