To repair/replace Utopia Be

I have a pair of Diva Utopia Be. Last weekend, I noticed some weird sound from the speakers then I found the Be tweeter was broken (a hole on the dome...not sure how it gets there)

I have ordered a new tweeter from a local dealer, as the speaker is pretty heavy and the dealer told me the technics involved in replacing the unit is pretty straight forward (unscrew the screws and then connect the wires to the unit) I decided to replace the unit by myself. Anybody has similar experience on this please let me if there is anything I shall pay special attention to when replacing it.

Many many thanks.

All good advice. Extra Action has you all set. I recently repalced a tweeter dome for a friend on a pair of B&W's and had to solder the leads.

Note the position of the wires. If you can, take a digital photo of the old one.

When I unsoldered the old diaphragm I just heated it up a little and removed the wire. The leads had enough solder left to just heat it up and quickly add the new wire and blow on it without addign any solder. Esentially the same as Extra Action's advice.
Thank you all for your useful advises and tips, I took off the damaged unit yesterday. I will get the new unit in two weeks and will report back how it goes.
I got it repaired finally, everything is fine now, thank you all for your help.