To ROON or not to ROON ?

I have read a lot about upgrades from a blue sound vault of which I have. I have considered the rose, aurender, among others. The first question I have is Roon worth having ? I am a qobuz subscriber and wonder if Roon will make a substantial difference. As far as I know Aurender does not support Roon. Anyone with Room experience ?

THX for the feedback


+2 sbank

Roon (with a subscription to Qobuz & Tidal) has opened me up to a lot of new (to me) music. Well worth the price of admission & much appreciated! 

Roon by itself does nothing for sound quality versus streaming direct to say Qobuz or Tidal. If you have lots of music to organize it could be helpful. I use it to stream directly to HqPlayer so I can upsample everything to DSD. 

A week ago I started to consider buying an Aurender to replace my NUC/Roon setup.  It turned out to b an easy decision.  The sound quality of the Aurender blows away the Roon setup.  More detail and a richer overall sound.  

I actually think Roon's sound quality has worsened over the last few years.  I have also had an increasing number of connectivity issues.  It may be the result of so many processes going on within the software itself.  I look forward to the simplicity of the Conductor app.

You “have to Roon”. I have discovered so much new snd interesting music. Using both Tidal and Qobuz as well as a NAS.  Great high res music throughout the house and what a difference it makes. 

go for it and let us know how you make out!!